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Want to Grow Your Twitter Community?

Join over 1 million users today, it's FREE. aims to help businesses build authentic relationships on Twitter. This is part of the reason we recently made a few changes to our Scheduled Weekly Tweets functionality. It’s our hope that these changes will improve your overall experience, and make it that much easier to build meaningful relationships on social media.

First, some background…

We understand that different businesses use in different ways. When considering what changes to make, it was important for us to take into account the most common business needs, and make it as easy as possible for our users to meaningfully grow their Twitter presence.

Updates to our scheduled weekly tweets

In this process, we’ve taken to heart a lot of user feedback as well as input from our friends at Twitter. We want to thank everyone who voiced their opinion and helped us improve

What changes were made?

The changes focus on streamlining the Scheduled Weekly Tweets functionality. We hope this will improve your overall experience of the platform. However, there are a couple of specific changes that we want to highlight.

1. Lead-based weekly tweets:

We’ve removed the lead-based weekly tweets function. This function, while very powerful and appropriate when used right, was just too easy to misuse. It was a hard decision, but because of how this feature was being abused, we felt it was our responsibility to remove it.

We know some of you have been using this feature correctly and enjoying it. However for the benefit of the entire community and to ensure we comply with Twitter’s policies, it’s a decision we had to make.

2. Limited scheduled weekly tweets:

We’ve put some restrictions on the number of Scheduled Weekly Tweets that can be sent. From now on all users, even for the most active ones, will be able to send maximum 4 tweets per day.

The good news is that this shouldn’t have any noticeable impact on your engagement because’s smart algorithm recommends the best actions based on factors like relationship, history, context, timing and so much more.

Limited scheduled weekly tweets:

Other measures we’ve taken to ensure your engagement isn’t negatively impacted include ensuring our algorithm mentions the same person maximum once per month. You also don’t need to be concerned about irritating users you mention in these weekly tweets, as they have the option to opt out of mentions at anytime by clicking the Opt Out link on our homepage footer.

Get the most out of Scheduled Weekly Tweets

We’re confident that these changes will make the Scheduled Weekly Tweets functionality more user-friendly and effective. We’ve also put together some tips to make sure you get the most out of this feature.

1. Personalize weekly tweets:

For best results we recommend that users personalize weekly tweets. We’ve found that a message written specifically for your audience works best. This can be done by simply changing the weekly tweet text.

2. Monitor weekly tweets and tweak accordingly:

Every Scheduled Weekly Tweet has its own log which helps you monitor and track its effectiveness. You can view these logs by clicking Edit and then View History. Here you’ll see the number of clicks, Retweets and mentions for each specific weekly tweet. By keeping a close eye on this data, you’ll have a good idea of what’s not working and can tweak accordingly.

Going forward

With these changes and improvements, we’re confident the Scheduled Weekly Tweets functionality is better than ever. It’s now much easier to use and can help you increase your impact, strengthen your relationships and grow your reach on Twitter.

Grow your Twitter community

As usual, if you have any feedback or questions please let us know! We’re always happy to hear from you.

We’ll sign off this post by wishing you a great fall! Go ahead and make this fall your best social media marketing season ever, by utilizing our revamped Scheduled Weekly Tweets functionality. Now more than ever … It’s Magical! 🙂

The team

Want to Grow Your Twitter Community?

Join over 1 million users today, it's FREE.

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Author: Ran Margaliot

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