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New version is up, and it includes significant usability improvements, performance upgrade, and finally, the ability to connect multiple Twitter profiles to your account. Read on to get all the details 🙂

Usability Improvements

We worked on streamlining the dashboard for daily use:
  • “new in list” indicators – the counts in left column indicate now how many members engaged you since you last accessed it, so now a quick glance is enough to know what’s new. The list itself has a clear separion between new items and older ones.

  • “unreplied status” notification – if an influencer tweeted you recently, and you haven’t yet replied him, you’ll now see a small link in the middle column, with the ability to reply and retweet him right there.

Performance Upgrade

We worked hard for the past several months to improve significantly the performance of the application. The app should now feel much more snappy in all areas – first login, browsing through lists, drilling-down to member, adding a new monitor. Login to try it out for yourself (you can use the link in the end of the email).

Connect Multiple Twitter Profiles to

Do you have several Twitter profiles, that you wish you could easily manage from single account? Now you can 🙂
Pro users can now connect up to 4 Twitter profiles. Switching between them is a snap – just select the needed profile from the menu.

Login to your to start!

The Team


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Author: Sharel Omer

Sharel is the CEO & co-founder of, a unique relationship management service for social media. He's passionate about people, building relationships and entrepreneurship.

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    1. Hey Rob, thank you!
      I hope you don’t mind I used your tweet to demonstrate the “unreplied status” feature 🙂

  1. Hey, for business accounts, it says “20 monitored items”. Does that apply across to the 10 multiple Twitter accounts individually or capped to 20 monitored items for those 10 profiles?

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