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Our goal at is to help our users better manage their community by focusing on most high-value relationships: supporters – people whose retweets and shared links help you spread your message, influencers – people in your circle, whose high social capital helps you get recognition and awareness, most engaged members, important new followers/unfollowers, and more.

But community management isn’t only about engaging with people you already know. It’s also about connecting with people that aren’t yet in your tribe, but should be. This is why today we are rolling out a couple of new features, that make the job of finding and making new connections much easier.

Leads By Mention

When someone you don’t know retweets you, or shares a link to your blog post or web-site, he becomes an interesting prospect to follow with. Striking a conversation with him should be easy, after all he already made the first step. Since often people share links to your content, without mentioning your Twitter username, leads by mention is a great way to discover new potential leads.

The best URL’s to monitor would be those of your blog, and your main website. If they have the same top-level domain (such as and, then it’s enough to add just the main website.

Notice that we are monitoring shortened URL’s as well, so when someone shares , Sharel, our all-in-one CEO and community manager won’t miss it.

Monitoring to spot fans

Leads by Keyword

Searching for leads by keyword

Often you don’t want to wait till someone mentions you, to find new people to connect with. Instead you want to actively look for relevant people to add to your community. Enter leads by keywords.

Let’s say santa wants to connect with reindeers. All he has to do is to add the keyword ‘reindeer’ in the manage dialogue, and wait a bit. We will start scanning santa’s social circle on Twitter for good prospects.

Consider to Follow / Unfollow

We all know that the ‘follow’ action is more than just follow. It’s a social signal that can begin or restart relationships. But with with large or growing community, it’s easy to miss great people to follow. Well, no more – with consider to follow it’s very easy to find new potential members to follow.

Keeping a good ratio of followers / following is also important, since it affects your perceived influence level. That’s why you would want to unfollow members that aren’t relevant to you anymore. You now can use consider to unfollow list to find good candidates for unfollow, based on your past relationship (or lack of one).

We are very excited about the new features, and hope you’ll be able to enrich your community with interesting and unexpected people. If you haven’t yet registered for a beta-user account, click here.

Have a good time connecting.

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Author: Sharel Omer

Sharel is the CEO & co-founder of, a unique relationship management service for social media. He's passionate about people, building relationships and entrepreneurship.