Launches Groups to Simplify Twitter Management

Twitter management to boost engagement
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We keep hearing how unnecessarily awkward Twitter management is. You can’t see all your list members in a glance because the tweets of the more talkative members take priority. You can’t sort your list members, and you’re limited to 20 lists of 500 members in a list.

We believe that being able to segment your community into manageable chunks, each with its specific context is a vital part of how people manage relationships. But an essential part of list management is the people that you put in them, not the latest tweets.

So with the new version of we are introducing “groups”. Groups are a simple way to manage groups of people.

Quick walk-through

  • You can import your existing Twitter lists (both public and private) to  – they will become groups, located under “My Groups” in the left column
1) Click ‘manage groups’
2) Click “Import Twitter Lists”



  • You can add /remove members from groups right from the middle-column
Add member to existing group or to a new one
  • Groups are private, only you can see them. Any changes you make to groups aren’t seen on Twitter.
  • Pro accounts have unlimited groups, free accounts can manage up to 5 groups, with unlimited number of members in each group

The Benefits

So now that you have set-up your groups, let’s look at the benefits of group management in

  • By default, group members are sorted by their most recent engagement with you. Compare this to Twitter lists, in which list members are sorted by the most recent (unrelated to you) tweet group members are sorted by the most recent engagement *with you*


Twitter lists are sorted by the most recent (unrelated to you) tweet
  • Sort group members by rating, to reveal each group’s top members
Sort group members by rating
  • Even without viewing a specific group, you will see your most-relevant group members in the “recent and prioritized” feed.  Relevant group-members are those that talk about you or about items you monitor. Drill-down to a member to reveal what promoted him to the feed
See group-members that talk about you or about items you monitor in your “recent and prioritized” feed

Get Started

The best way to get started with groups is dive right into it. So go on, import your Twitter lists to, and start grouping 🙂

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Author: Ran Margaliot

Passionate technologist. Entrepreneur. Nice guy. Co-founder of

14 Replies to “ Launches Groups to Simplify Twitter Management

    1. Thank you Irene! Would love to hear what you think about it, what do you miss, etc. As with any new feature, there is room for improvement.

  1. Very useful! I can definitely see benefits from learning to optimize how we use groups in Your post says 5 but free accounts are limited to importing 4 lists chosen randomly – so if you can’t afford to upgrade you may want to manually create the lists most important to you instead of importing your Twitter lists.

    1. Hi Gail, thank you for the comment!
      Being able to choose which groups to import is indeed on our roadmap. Our goal is to help you manage your Twitter lists more easily, so this makes sense.

      Thanx for the tip for the community 🙂

  2. Is there a way to export twitter lists created on back to Twitter? We would love to sync both accounts now that we created all our lists here.

    1. Hi Alia,
      sorry for the delayed reply!

      Being able to sync groups back to Twitter lists is definately on our roadmap. Would you prefer an option of 1-time export, or an ongoing-sync?
      (You can tweet me also @mikepolis:disqus )

  3. What does the Starred option do in the Groups menu? What I’m looking for
    is to automatically pull in tweeters whose tweets I have “favorited”, to be able to manage these tweeters individually.

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