Better Leads by Keyword and Really Simple Stats's new lead targeting tool
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This week we rolled some new, shiny features and wanted to quickly go over the new stuff. We hope you enjoy it!

We put a lot of effort into identifying and sorting the best leads, using advanced methods. One such method is Leads by keyword, which allows you to find leads by monitoring specific keywords, that are likely to appear in people’s Twitter bio. It’s very different from Twitter search, since it constantly monitors your Twitter circle for new people, and prioritizes leads based on their relevance to you (as judged by their engagement history, influence level, and other parameters).

Improved Leads By Keyword

In this release, we introduce sub-lists, so now every keyword gets its own list – which makes it even easier to zoom in just on developers or marketers. We also increased the allowed number of keywords to 5, so you can have several levels of targeting, for example having one list for marketing and another, more specific for marketing consultant.

Go ahead and try it out – it’s quite fun actually 🙂

  • Expand the Discover Leads section, and click Manage
  • Enter you keywords in the text-box and click ‘finish’
  • …you are done!

A couple of hours later, open Leads by keyword and you’ll start seeing it getting filled with interesting and relevant people

Really simple stats

A lot of our users have requested simple statistics regarding their community activity to know how much effort they put into community management, and how many engagement they received back. So that’s exactly what we did.

How it works? Really simple: click the new ‘stats’ link in the top right corner of the page, select two dates between which you want the stats, and hit ‘Show!’ Done.

So what are you waiting for?

Login to to check-out the new features, and have some fun (or  sign-up and get started).

Coming Soon

We are planning much more to come in the following weeks:

  • Groups (a sane and simple alternative to Twitter lists)
  • Find leads by monitoring conversations
  • Filter leads by location
  • Improved member profile (notes area, so that you won’t forget Bob’s middle name)
  • …anything you would like to see? send an email to mike AT with a request, we are very flexible 🙂
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Author: Sharel Omer

Sharel is the CEO & co-founder of, a unique relationship management service for social media. He's passionate about people, building relationships and entrepreneurship.

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