3 Steps For Tracking a Twitter #Hashtags Campaign By Commun.it


Wix Case Study: How to use Commun.it to run and measure hashtag based campaigns . In this example we will look at  Wix’ latest campaign, in which users were asked to tweet using the hashtag “#WixWebsite​” for the chance to win an  iPhone 5.  Wix needed to track multiple tweets in multiple languages to measure the success of this campaign and Commun.it proved extremely helpful in doing so. Twitter Hashtag # Campaigns Running and measuring hathag (#) campaigns on Twitter can be very powerful for increasing engagements, getting more followers and driving increased awareness to your business. However, if you won’t save and analyze […]

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Introducing Team Management Feature for Multiple Twitter Profiles


Today, we are pleased to announce a brand new feature in Commun.it – Manage Teams. If you are currently taking advantage of our multiple Twitter profile features, you’re going to get a ton of value out of this feature. Adding members to your team will allow you to share access to your Twitter profiles and manage them together effortlessly. If your an agency or a marketer, you can control which of your clients or coworkers can have access to or edit your Twitter profiles, ideal for companies and agencies. Make managing your Twitter- marketing strategy easier and quicker whilst keeping yourself in control. Trying […]

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Case Study: How Wix Ran a 6M User Marketing Campaign on Twitter using Commun.it

Here at Commun.it our goal is to help businesses grow and cultivate relationships with their customers and supporters using social media. A growing number of businesses of all sizes trust us to help them achieve their business goals on Twitter. But when Wix, a world-leading Flash website builder, came to us asking to help them run a Twitter campaign, invigorating their user-base of more then 6 million people, we weren’t sure how exactly it would play out. Looking back, the success story of the campaign has some valuable lessons companies can learn from. The Inception When the Wix marketing team […]

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