The New Feature That Will Automatically Share Posts for You

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Heads up! This is your new favorite way to post

We know how much time you spend looking for fun, interesting, or entertaining articles to share with your followers. Sharing on Twitter is important for keeping your name on your followers radar, and definitely important for bringing followers back to your page! We built this with you in mind.

Our goal at is to build the easiest tool for Marketers, Bloggers, Small business owners, and anyone who wants to grow their social community. Today – we made that a whole lot easier. is excited to announce our newest feature, and one of our favorites: a new campaign that finds and shares top articles for you, based on the topics that interest you. We want to help you grow your following on social media, and it all starts with getting your own posts out there!

How it works

I’m sure this sounds a bit too good to be true: You type in a couple of keywords and we’ll share 2-5 quality articles for you per day? Yes, that’s exactly how it works.

When you sign up for, we ask you what keywords interest you, so that we can help you discover new people to connect with and posts to share. Now, we’ll use those same keywords to find you articles.

If you don’t remember what keywords you picked when you signed up, go to the Leads tab of your dashboard, and click ‘Manage Keywords’. You can then pick 2-3 hashtags that interest you and your business.

Tip: Pick one word keywords or hashtags, like #Marketing or #Technology.
Try not to be too specific, i.e. #CatFashion, or too general, i.e. #America.


I’m in – How do I get this too?

Next, click here to activate the Content Sharing Campaign. Once per day, will find 2-5 relevant articles to share for you, and schedule them on Twitter for you. You can see these posts on the Schedule Tab of the dashboard, and can easily edit or delete them before they are sent. schedules these articles at the Best Time for you to reach the most people, and the best time for you to get the most likes and retweets.


You’re all set – Sit back and watch your engagements grow

Our content sharing campaign is meant to help you save time while helping you grow your community organically. Sary Espina (@soysaryR) activated the Share top Content feature this week, and you can see her first post below. Without lifting a finger her first post got over 60 retweets! We hope we can help you do the same.


Tweet at us! We’d love to know what you think of this new feature.


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