Increase Your Twitter Engagement with and Buffer

Increase Your Twitter Engagement with and Buffer

Want to Grow Your Twitter Community?

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  • Learn how to use Buffer and together to schedule posts
  • Learn why scheduling your posts will boost your engagement
  • Learn how scheduling posts can transform the way you build relationships online

In this post we will explain how to use Buffer with to schedule your posts. This is a very easy way to boost your engagement, and makes growing your community hassle-free. We all know that overwhelming our followers with a constant stream of generic updates is bad practice when building meaningful relationships. We want to share our thoughts and interact, but we’re not always online. And let’s face it social media never sleeps.

So what you do? For us the solution is obvious – Buffer. It’s a must-have tool in your community management toolkit, and when combined with will transform the way you build relationships online.

Buffer is a powerful service that allows you to schedule all your posts across a variety of social networks. Once you’ve logged into your account, you will see an ‘Add to Buffer’ button every time you click to tweet, retweet or reply to your community. All you do is click. Your tweets will then be added to the queue, and will be sent according to your Buffer schedule.

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Buffered posts can be published on any connected social account
Buffered posts can be published on any connected social account

In order to use Buffer with, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to add all your tweets from to Buffer. Schedule your queue to your specifications on Buffer so each time you click ‘Add to Buffer’ on, it streamlines it into your created schedule on Buffer. As you can see above, I’ve setup a schedule for four times a day in addition to whatever else I tweet manually. See the magic of scheduling your posts!

Set Up Your Buffer

Clicking on reply/retweet/mention anywhere in opens an engagement dialogue that has an ‘Add to Buffer’ button. If you have already a Buffer account, then clicking ‘Add to Buffer’ for the first time will allow you to connect your account to If you don’t yet have a Buffer account, click ‘Add to Buffer’ to create it with just 2 clicks.

Boost twitter engagement

Start Buffering!

So what can you buffer from Well here are some ideas:

  • Buffer your thanks to your top influencers / supporters / engaged members / new followers

Buffer and Twitter can be used to boost engagement

  • Buffer the retweets of your members’ statuses

Add tweets to buffer to boost engagement

  • Compose a new tweet and buffer it.

Schedule tweets to boost engagement


The best way to start using with Buffer is to jump right in! Do you have more creative ideas about how to combine these two tools? Would love to hear you in the comments 🙂

Want to Grow Your Twitter Community?

Join over 1 million users today, it's FREE.

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    • Gary Owen says:

      Yeah you can. Definitely. You can set up your schedule(s) in Buffer, and it will regularly send out content. Definitely worth your time to take a look at it as an app. The free level is actually pretty sweet, and paid “Awesome” plan is fantastic.

  1. Terri Z says:

    Hi I had Buffer all set up, but now it’s telling me “you don’t have permission to post to that profile_id”. Is there a place to go to check your Buffer settings/integration? I have two twitter accounts and therefore two Buffer accounts, could that be the hangup? One account works fine w/Buffer but when I log out of it and into the other one, it doesn’t work.

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