Introducing Team Management Feature for Multiple Twitter Profiles

Introducing Team Management Feature for Multiple Twitter Profiles

Today, we are pleased to announce a brand new feature in – Manage Teams. If you are currently taking advantage of our multiple Twitter profile features, you’re going to get a ton of value out of this feature. Adding members to your team will allow you to share access to your Twitter profiles and manage them together effortlessly.

If your an agency or a marketer, you can control which of your clients or coworkers can have access to or edit your Twitter profiles, ideal for companies and agencies. Make managing your Twitter- marketing strategy easier and quicker whilst keeping yourself in control.

Trying It Out

Team Members

Invite team members to manage some of your Twitter profiles, it’s recommended to add more Twitter Profiles before inviting a new team member. You can controle which team member view each profiles via the manage profiles page.

How it works? 

  1. Click on the “Add Team Member” button in the dashboard and Invite a new team member.
  2. Edit the shared profiles access:team members

More than ever, makes it easy to take action and actively grow followers, strengthen your brand advocacy and cultivate your Twitter community by engaging with your high-value members (supporters, engaged members, influencers and leads) and top followers in your community.

Test It For yourself

Test for yourself the latest changes and tell us how it works for you. Get a time-limited special offer: Upgrade to the new business plan valued at $29.99/month for a year – and pay the discount price of 30% off!