How To Increase Your Twitter Engagement with and Buffer


Summary: Learn how to use Buffer and together to schedule posts Learn why scheduling your posts will boost your engagement Learn how scheduling posts can transform the way you build relationships online   In this post we will explain how to use Buffer with to schedule your posts. This is a very easy way to boost your engagement, and makes growing your community hassle-free. We all know that overwhelming our followers with a constant stream of generic updates is bad practice when building meaningful relationships. We want to share our thoughts and interact, but we’re not always online. And let’s face it […]

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Narrow in on Best Leads in Using Location, Language and Sentiment Targeting

Target your leads

Twitter is a great hub not only to keep up with existing community but to find and connect with new people. But finding just the right people is tricky and time-consuming. That’s why today we are excited to announce the Advanced Targeting tool, allowing you to monitor engagement and discover new leads much more effectively and precisely, using location, language and sentiment targeting. So How It Works? Let’s get right to it. When you define keywords to monitor, you can now add operators to narrow your search to specific location, language or sentiment. Location Using the near: notation, you can […]

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3 Simple Ways to Increase Engagement in Your Community using


All of us, who use Twitter for business, work really hard to generate engagement within our community: we write blog posts, reply to comments, monitor and reply every mention, etc. And we should do that – after all, in order to receive engagement, we  have to give engagement . But not everything should be a hard work. helps you generate engagement in a very easy, and a straightforward way, without compromising on authenticity. In this post I’ll show you how.   1) Thank Your Top New Followers (In Just 3 Clicks) You wrote a new blog post, and now you […]

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[Video] How We Are Using To Manage Our Community - univercity2

Just recently I had the pleasure to participate in a webinar, talking about, it’s benefits, and how we are using it ourselves to manage our community. The webinar has been recorded, and so it is now available for generations to come :) [Video] How We Are Using To Manage Our Community If you would like to skip the intro and dive right to the interesting parts, you can rewind to these times: (09:05) Basic Tutorial (20:20) Influencers vs Supporters vs Engaged Members   – explaining the difference between these lists (26:00) Community Management tutotial  – this is the part you don’t […]

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Not once we have heard from our users that list management on Twitter is unnecessarily awkward: you can’t see all your list members in a glance, because the tweets of the more talkative ones take all the space; you can’t sort your list members and finally you are limited to 20 lists, and 500 members in a list. We believe that being able to segment your community to manageable chunks, each with its specific context is a vital part of how people manage relationships. But in our view the core of list management are the people that you put in […]

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New in Easily Connect and Manage Multiple Twitter Profiles

New version is up, and it includes significant usability improvements, performance upgrade, and finally, the ability to connect multiple Twitter profiles to your account. Read on to get all the details :) Usability Improvements We worked on streamlining the dashboard for daily use: “new in list” indicators – the counts in left column indicate now how many members engaged you since you last accessed it, so now a quick glance is enough to know what’s new. The list itself has a clear separion between new items and older ones. “unreplied status” notification – if an influencer tweeted you […]

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Case Study: How Helped Web’s Largest Publisher Platform Conduit Run a Campaign on Twitter

Running a successful campaign on Twitter requires not only resources – more importantly it requires a willingness and dedication to engage your community in an open and authentic manner. It also requires having the right set of tools that would enable effective engagement, without being overwhelmed. When Conduit, a leading web publishing platform asked us to help them run a Twitter campaign celebrating their participation in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we couldn’t be more excited.  Working with a company whose philosophy is summed-up by the motto “engaging people” is a privilege. The Inception The idea behind the announced campaign was straightforward: […]

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Case Study: How Wix Ran a 6M User Marketing Campaign on Twitter using

Here at our goal is to help businesses grow and cultivate relationships with their customers and supporters using social media. A growing number of businesses of all sizes trust us to help them achieve their business goals on Twitter. But when Wix, a world-leading Flash website builder, came to us asking to help them run a Twitter campaign, invigorating their user-base of more then 6 million people, we weren’t sure how exactly it would play out. Looking back, the success story of the campaign has some valuable lessons companies can learn from. The Inception When the Wix marketing team […]

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Better Leads by Keyword, Really Simple Stats and Lots of Fun!

During this week we rolled some new, shiny features and wanted to quickly go through the new stuff . We hope you are gonna enjoy it :) We put a lot of effort into identifying and sorting out for you the best leads, using advanced methods. One such method is Leads by keyword, which allows you to find leads by monitoring specific keywords, that are likely to appear in people’s Twitter bio. It’s very different from Twitter search, since it constantly monitors your Twitter circle for new people, and prioritizes leads based on their relevance to you (as judged by […]

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