[Video] How The Pros Are Using Commun.it to Leverage Twitter for Business

Robert Dempsey, online marketing strategist and our good friend, has created an amazing video, showcasing how he is using Commun.it for business.

If you’re using Twitter for business, you need Commun.it. This tool helps you find and build relationships with leads, supporters, and influencers in your Twitter community.

Commun.it is made for people and businesses that are continuously growing their Twitter community, and want to do more business inside that community. It’s not a Twitter client, rather it analyzes your community on an ongoing basis to find the most relevant leads, supporters, and influencers.

Bottom line – this tool saves you a ton of time and money.

Check out Robert’s blog, he has got tons of valuable insights and advice on Social Media Marketing, Business Strategy and Blogging.

  • http://www.itinerantentrepreneur.com/journal/ Robert Dempsey

    Thanks for the very kind words Mike. Ever since Sharel reached out via Twitter and got me into Commun.it I’ve been a huge fan. It’s connected me with people I may have never met otherwise, and it’s those relationships that are helping my business big time.

    Keep the awesome coming!

  • http://www.ThePsychFiles.com Michael Britt

    Excellent video Mike. Very helpful insights into how to use commun.it more effectively. Appreciate it.

    • Mike

      We have our friend Robert to thank for it :)
      Thanx for checking it out.

  • http://www.successhowto.com Hezi

    This is exactly the same video that inspired me to join commun.it! Great video for a great product!

  • http://tmediacompany.com Tisha | tMedia

    Great video Robert!

    I just signed up and I’m looking at all the data to get familiar with how it can be useful to me – and then I come across this post – right on time! :-)

    This is a big help for me to get productive with this tool right away; gotta love efficiency – and serendipity!

    Thanks again.

  • Randy Schilling

    Great video, can’t wait untill I get my login credentials and can use this platform.

  • http://SmartSoftwareMarketing.co.uk Giles Farrow

    Great video. Looking forward to using this – and great marketing too

  • http://aigendigitalmarketing.com Abel Pardo

    Congratulations for the video. You explain perfectly what communit is in simple words, correct time and very visual examples.

  • http://www.facebook.com/missfarahbelliard Farah Belliard

    Hey, Robert!

    I would LOVE an invite… I just signed up for Buffer and also waiting for Strawberryj.am and I would love to get an invite if you have a spare! My email is farah at virtualmavrix dot com!

  • http://www.janetcallaway.com Janet @ The Natural Networker

    Robert, aloha. Thanks so much for the terrific explanation. Now I am even more excited about using it.

    Having your presentation front and center when a new member joins, is very smart.

    Aloha. Janet

  • Haydee Vega

    Hi from México!!

    Thanks a lot for a great video, it is an incredible tour by Commun_it I know I will get the most out of it with this simple quick explanation. Thanks again.

  • http://sociallead.co.il/ Irit Davidson

    Very interesting. I have 2 twitter acounts – one has hundreds of foloowers and the other is very new… a few weeks.
    I would like to get an invite to the commun.it tool and would like to write about it in my blog and recommend it to my readers.
    tnks for the great video – it proved to me that this is the exact tool for me :)

  • http://robinthomas.biz Robin Thomas

    Hi Robert,

    Connect.it sounds like it will leverage my time significantly! @anisesmith let me know about it, and I’d love an invite to try it for myself. Great video, btw.


  • http://www.fourmoonsastrology.com Donna Woodwell

    Excellent video! I’m an astrologer *and* marketer teaching other astrologers how to use social media to engage with the world. I can’t wait to discover what commun.it will reveal about our community’s twitter experience. Kudos to you!